Aiko Aiko

Electronica Deep Pop Duo
2011 - present


Aiko Aiko:
Nada Aiko - vocals, synths, electronics
Pascal Holper - drums, synths, electronics

With the release of their EP "Love Is A Doing Word" (2012) and their debut album "Lab Rats, Escape!" (2015), electronica duo Aiko Aiko, formed in 2011 by Nada Aiko and Pascal Holper, has been giving impressions of how the world sounds, into which the duo has been delving: melancholic, floating, diversely tinkering, melodically playful songs, for ears that long for tender comfort in these cynical times.

When Nada Aiko emerges from the densely crackling, yet at times minimalistic soundscapes with her manifold and gentle voice, and Pascal Holper rhythmically forms the temporal silhouette, a previously undiscovered microcosm is revealed. In their musical approach, Nada Aiko and Pascal Holper do not take care for limitations in relation to the sounds and samples used, song structure or length.

Softly floating synth layers interwoven with organs and delicate piano melodies, driven by edgy yet pulsing electronic beats, at times based on field recordings from urban sampling forays with their collective FA TECH, alternate with restless arpeggios, harsh and weighty parts, leaning into industrial, mechanical and technoid rhythms that remind of a destructive machine that keeps pushing forward a system in decline. Collectively embedded in a low, dubby fundament, the sonic palette drifts into frantic noise and chaos as well as multilayered and psychedelic-inclined, conjuring, repetitive arrangements.

Some songs have been graced by unique improvisations, following collaborations with oriental lute player Asim Al-Chalabi, experimental, jazz and klezmer violinist Daniel Weltlinger, drummer Aaron Thier, cellist Lukas Lauermann, film score composer and clarinetist Matija Strniša, as well as US-american musician and activist Anomie Belle.

Following several performances at festivals such as "Nation of Gondwana" (GER), "Elevate" (AT), "Popfest Wien" (AT), "Klangtherapie Festival" (GER), shows with bands like Tu Fawning, Dirty Beaches, LUR, etc., self-made music videos for their songs "Lotus", "The Scientist’s Monologue", "Dans La Forêt (Biscuit Trails)" as well as soundtracks for short films and feature films, Aiko Aiko released their second album "RADICAL NOPINION" on 7 October 2021 on French label "Whales Records", founded by pianist and composer Julien Marchal.

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"RADICAL NOPINION" LP (2021, Whales Records)
"HAGER EP" Original Soundtrack V.A. (2019, Diesdas Records)
"The Good Life" EP (Aiko Aiko Remix) (2018, Diving Bell Recordings)
"Lab Rats, Escape! (Remixed)" (2016, Digital Release)
"Lab Rats, Escape!" LP (2015, Wire Globe Recordings)
"Love Is A Doing Word" EP (2012, self-released)

Whales Records
Wire Globe Recordings
Diesdas Records