Racial Abuse

Straight Edge Hardcore/Punk Band
1995 - 1998

Table Table

Racial Abuse:
Aaron Tauss - vocals
Pascal Holper - drums
Sancho Holper - bass
J├╝rgen Pallisch - guitar
Christian Nemeth - guitar

Early Line-Up:
Aaron Tauss - vocals
Pascal Holper - drums
Sancho Holper - bass
Rainer Paul - guitar

The Straight Edge Hardcore Punk band "Racial Abuse" was formed in early 1995 in Olbendorf, Austria, after on February 4th of the same year, four men from the ethnic minority Roma were killed by a bomb in Oberwart. The band deliberately chose their name to serve as a reminder of that horrific attack and to stand up against racism and social injustice, conveying their anti-racist and politically charged messages and lyrics, as heard in their early songs "D.W.T.M." (Down With The Murderers) and "On A Right Roll," both of which were included on their first demo tape "Not With Us."

With band members Aaron Tauss (vocals), Sancho Holper (bass), Rainer Paul (guitar), all not older than 17/18 years old, and their drummer Pascal Holper, who was just 12 years old at the time, the band released their debut album, "No Need," on the German label Lost and Found Records in 1996. This marked the beginning of their international journey as they set out on their first tour with the US hardcore band "Despair" (featuring Scott Vogel of "Terror" and "Buried Alive") across Germany and Belgium. With their second album on Lost and Found, titled "Climb" they continued their musical journey with unwavering commitment, performing at shows and festivals all across Europe throughout 1996 and touring France and Belgium together with the french hardcore band "Seeker Of The Truth" in early 1997. Hints of darker tones could already be heard in their music.

Racial Abuse then recorded their third album, "What Mirrors Conceal," which they initially self-released on their own label, "Rose Of Equality," before releasing it on the Belgian record label Good Life Recordings in 1997. With this album, they solidified their metallic sound and embarked on a European tour with "Despair" for a second time, followed by another memorable tour with "Seekers Of The Truth," covering countries like Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and concluding with a headlining tour in Spain during the winter of 1997.

In 1998, they were heading out again on a European tour with the band "All Out War" and a 4-week tour across Europe with "25 Ta Life," while simultaneously recording their last EP, "Love Is The Revolution We All Shall Seek," which they hadn't yet released at that time, featuring the songs "Pro-Grace" and "Veto".

With four records and seven European tours under their belt, playing at festivals like Ieperfest (BE), Dour (BE), DYNAMO (CZ), and sharing the stage with bands such as Shelter, Madball, Ignite, Turmoil, Catharsis, Refused,... Racial Abuse disbanded in 1998 before transforming into the successor band "Cameran".
"Love Is The Revolution We All Shall Seek" EP (2023, digital release)
"What Mirrors Conceal" EP (1997, Rose Of Equality, Good Life Recordings)
"European Hardcore: The Way It Is" V.A. (1996, Lost & Found Records)
"Climb" LP (1996, Lost & Found Records)
"No Need" LP (1996, Lost & Found Records)
"Not With Us" Tape (1995, self-released)

Lost & Found Records (GER)
Good Life Recordings (BE)
Rose Of Equality (AT)



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