Electronic Music Project
2005 - 2007


Pascal Holper - composition, electronics, drums
Herbert Kopitar - production, electronics, bass

Since 2006 with:
Nada Aiko - vocals
Gregor Kerbl - guitar
Aaron Thier - additional drums

Monono started out as a duo formed in 2005 by Pascal Holper and Herbert Kopitar, after Pascal had been working on new songs while immersed more and more in electronic music. Together, Pascal and Herbert continued to work on reshaping and expanding these songs, experimenting with various sources of sound to incorporate into their music. The duo was eventually joined by Nada Aiko (vocals) and Gregor Kerbl (guitar) around 2006, after meeting at a concert, sharing the same stage with their bands "Cameran" and "Naos", aswell as Aaron Thier (additional drums). Two of the then-unreleased songs would come into play in the following years with electronica-deep-pop duo Aiko Aiko.

01 Stars (featured in the short film "DYLAN" by Kevin Kopacka, 2017)
02 Elaryn (released as Aiko Aiko, 2021)
03 Sad (unreleased)
04 Potkxe (unreleased)
05 2 M & I (unreleased)


01 Stars

02 Elaryn