Heart ad lib. / Trails

AV installation


"Heart ad lib. / Trails" is an audio-visual installation/performance that transforms the intimate sound of the human heart into a visual experience. At its core, a stethoscope with a built-in microphone captures the rhythmic cadence of a heartbeat, amplifying it through a small speaker. This speaker, rather than projecting sound into the air, is positioned with its membrane facing the surface of a stark black cardboard canvas.

As the amplified heartbeat pulses through the speaker, the vibrations it generates cause the speaker to glide and dance across the surface of the cardboard canvas. It becomes a conduit for the heartbeat's energy, translating its nuances into an abstract choreography.

Attached to the speaker is a white pencil, its tip delicately making contact with the black cardboard. As the speaker moves, the pencil leaves behind a trail of intricate lines and patterns, each stroke a visual representation of the heartbeat's unique rhythm and intensity. The resulting artwork is a fusion of sound and motion, a visual symphony created by the heartbeat's unseen melodies.