Heart ad lib. / Drawings

AV installation


"Heart ad lib. / Drawings" is an audio-visual installation and performance that explores the profound connection between sound and movement. At the heart of the installation lies a stethoscope, capturing the intimate sound of a beating heart. This sound is then amplified and sent to a powerful 12" bass speaker, which serves as both a conduit and a canvas for the auditory experience.

A branch, carefully mounted on the membrane of the speaker, becomes an extension of the heart's vibrations, swaying and trembling in synchrony with each heartbeat. One or four pens are intricately tied to the branch, poised above a paper resting beneath them. As the branch responds to the vibrations, the pens elegantly dance across the paper, leaving behind traces of the heartbeat's cadence.

The resulting artwork is a unique visual representation of the rhythmic qualities of the heart, encapsulating the ebb and flow of life itself. Each stroke and curve on the paper becomes an organic manifestation of the emotional and physical state of the individual, a visual translation of the unseen sensations within.