Heart ad lib.

Sound performance with the heart as sound source and instrument


"Heart ad lib." is a sound performance by Pascal Holper where the heart is both source of sound and instrument, amplified through a stethoscope with a built-in microphone. This performance delves into the captivating cadences, melodies and tales of the heart, venturing into the core of our innermost emotions, creating a symphony originating within the very essence of our existence.

The term 'ad lib.' (short for 'ad libitum', meaning 'as desired') sets the stage for improvisation and spontaneity, empowering the heart to break free from all constraints and express itself freely.

"Heart ad lib." is an invitation to an unscripted, intimate journey that fosters a deep sense of closeness and connection. It encourages us to listen attentively, not only to the music of the heart but also to the stories it yearns to share—stories that remind us of the profound and beautiful journey that is life itself.