Portrait Of An Ex-Lover / Latent Radiant Soul

Polaroid installation


The polaroid installation, titled 'Portrait of an Ex-Lover / Latent Radiant Soul,' began with a portrait of an ex-partner, a polaroid that appeared empty and devoid of any visible details, with no image developing. This solid blue emptiness served as a metaphor for the absence of a significant person in one's life. It became a symbolic representation of reaching a point where an important person seems to fade away, becoming invisible.

In an attempt to influence the developing process and make the image appear, the film was manipulated by pressure, by forming and breaking up the structure and inner layers of chemicals without any initial visible change.

However, unexpectedly, a moment of revelation occurred. As the protective layer on the back was peeled away, being illuminated from the back, a subtle transformation took place, revealing a soft radiant soul hidden beneath the surface. This discovery brought a shift in perspective, offering a new understanding.

This installation serves as a powerful reminder that beneath the layers of loss, there exists a latent beauty and inner radiance that transcends the boundaries of time and distance. It invites viewers to reflect on the complexities of relationships, the impermanence of human connections, and the potential for growth and rediscovery even in the wake of sadness.

It explores the interplay between absence and presence, ultimately illuminating the transformative power of perception and the enduring essence of the soul.