Der Tod Und Ich Auf Reisen

Short film by Erich Steiner (2007)
Sound Design by Pascal Holper & Armin Koch


An aging writer, Emanuel Blum, is confronted with his own death. He does not rebel, he accepts it - seemingly willingly, almost glad that his life is coming to an end. Dreams, memories, and realistic scenes alternate, briefly uniting into a tangible reality and then torn apart into a hundred individual pieces. Death brings the old author to the end of his journey. Emanuel stands before the mosaic of his existence. What was my life, what is death?

Between rebellion and resignation, passion and loneliness, beauty and transience.

Life and Death.

Director: Erich Steiner
Author: Erich Steiner
Cast: Peter Simonischek, Lena Gasser, Margit Jautz, Daniel Leirouz, Birgit Minichmayr, Tino Sekay, Renate Steiner-Graf, Markus Steinwender, Stefanie Wilfing
Producer: Stephan Wabl
Sound Design: Pascal Holper, Armin Koch
Cinematography: Mario Minichmayr
Production Company: Northern Lights


01 Melancholic Theme

02 Death Theme

03 Mirror Tree Theme