Dans La ForĂȘt (Biscuit Trails)

Music video for Aiko Aiko directed by Pascal Holper & Nada Aiko

For this video, the two dance and performance artists, Magdalena Chowaniec (AT/PL) and Simon Mayer (AT/BE), were invited to independently improvise and present their individual interpretations of the song "Dans La ForĂȘt (Biscuit Trails)" by electronica deep pop duo Aiko Aiko. The two performances are showcased side by side in the video - an experiment that makes visible the personal approaches and the interplay of unconscious commonalities and differences from the same starting point.

The viewer follows the protagonists in a one-shot camera movement through the abandoned spaces where they give their own stories to the song, using symbolic props selected by director Pascal Holper and Nada Aiko. In two additional videos, the individual interpretations can also be seen.

Concept: Pascal Holper
Directors: Pascal Holper, Nada Aiko
Editing: Pascal Holper
Performers: Simon Mayer, Magdalena Chowaniec
Camera: Andreas Kronsteiner
Props: Pascal Holper, Nada Aiko
Colorist: Pascal Holper, Kevin Kopacka
Location: Florian Lang, Gert Resinger at Dessous Atelier
Forest video footage: BrightSkyDrones.co.uk

A big thank you to Macello Basstrojani & Michael Moser