Post-Hardcore, Post-Rock, Instrumental
1998 - 2007

Table Table

Aaron Tauss - vocals, guitar
Pascal Holper - drums
Markus Steinkellner - guitar
Sancho Holper - bass

Early Line-Up:
Aaron Tauss - vocals, guitar
Pascal Holper - drums
Georg Grabner - vocals
Markus Steinkellner - guitar
Georg Müllner - bass

Rousing today’s zeitgeist, Cameran can best be described as encapsulating the sonic blend of Jack Kerouac’s contagious zest for life and Yves Klein’s wild and reckless attempts of jumping out of windows, experiencing movement through air. Subtly, silence and controlled detonations are carefully arranged, communicating in such a way that a dynamic tension is generated, working similarly to a dialectic screw that moves straight up in time and space releasing the synthesis between the two opposing poles – the quadrature of the circle. With this in mind, the musical structure is favourably comparable to classical music in terms of how it is both written and arranged. Cameran have created their dynamics with a sense of playfulness by switching from soft, rippling sounds and beats to a limitless rage with an immeasurable capacity of energy.

All four band members have been immersed in the music scene for some time, playing in different groups prior to being drawn together by their intense love of music. Fuelled by the curiosity of seeing where their ambitions might take them, CAMERAN performed a number of live shows around Europe playing alongside great bands such as THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, SUPERGRASS, THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY, CONVERGE SOULFLY, etc. In 2004 CAMERAN relocated to the UK where they played a series of regional gigs before being invited to be main support to COHEED & CAMBRIA on their Spring 2004 UK tour. Playing to sold out 300-500 capacity venues across the UK CAMERAN picked up a solid following and made appearances at a variety of European festivals in summer 2004.

In winter 2003 CAMERAN released a four-song demo EP "Brand New Souls EP" which had been mixed and mastered at Tonteknik Studios in Umeå, Sweden by Pelle Henricsson, Eskil Lövström and Magnus Lindberg (Refused/Hell Is For Heroes/Poison The Well). A year later and after having played several shows all over Europe the band went back to Sweden and hooked up with the same team again in order to record their debut album. Although the whole thing took longer than expected the result is a fresh and action-packed amalgamation of pulse-pounding sounds and beats. The ten complex compositions cannot fail to lull you with a wave of fragile sounds just before all hell breaks loose in the next moment: CAMERAN released a four-song EP "The Zombie Walk EP" on Nois-o-lution Records in February 2005. The full-length album "A Caesarean" was released on Nois-o-lution Records and San Martin Records in Fall 2005.

Cameran’s aim is to put the wonder, sadness, humour and sheer zest for life into their music by playing it to a point where dissolution and self-oblivion shake hands. As the music becomes the utmost expression of direct and ecstatic joy of pure being, it races ahead with an unforgettable exuberance and poignancy, rooted in strong autobiographical overtures. There’s nothing left to say.
"A Caesarean" LP (2005, Nois-O-Lution, San Martin Records, 2006 Innocent Words)
"The Zombie Walk" EP (2005, Nois-o-lution)
"This Is Indie Rock, Vol. 2" V.A. (2005, Deep Elm Records)
"Cameran / The Scarabeus Dream" Split EP (2005, self-released)
"Brand New Souls" EP (2003, self-released)
"Bastard In Love / Cameran" Split 7" (1999, Moo Cow Records)

Nois-o-lution Records (GER)
San Martin Records (IT)
Innocent Words Records (US)
Moo Cow Records (US)
Deep Elm Records (US)