AV installation


At first sight "_BLANK" is an audio-visual installation. It was shown at Inform, Oberwart in the context of the exhibition "Art Box" organized by OHO on the 01st - 04th of September, 2011. This installation is about freedom of (artistic) expression, censorship and is also dealing with this trend that autonomous art and art in general is instrumentalized by corporations or the state for economic interests.

"_BLANK" is anti-art, an attempt to provoke and inform. Further more it's a hoax. The idea was to create the illusion of a working piece of art consisting of common mediums like televisions, a video projector, speakers etc.. Everything switched off. Only a note attached to this installation saying -

"Since yesterday, this artistic work is no longer allowed to be shown, as the viewers/listeners could be stimulated to critically question existing conditions and to think independently."

- leaves space for the viewers/listeners interpretations, opinions and thoughts.