Being Moved

Contemporary Dance Performance
Compography, performance: Simon Mayer
Sound design, co-creation: Pascal Holper

In his solo performance Being Moved, Simon Mayer explores different states of "being moved".
What moves us? What does it mean to be moved? How can we let go and surrender to the present moment?

Together with the sound designer Pascal Holper, Simon Mayer investigates the manifold manifestations of a universal folk dance and finds an answer in breathing - as a necessity and as a practice. Being Moved is a performance of transgression and transformation that immerses us in the unknown, where breath becomes movement and vice versa. A dance that inspires us to tap into our full expressive potential - based on spontaneous creativity instead of fixed rules. A dance that explores what makes us move and what moves us.

To celebrate our imagination, Simon Mayer shares the stage with (in)visible performers who investigate what we perceive, believe and feel as reality. In the process, movement becomes sound, sound becomes dance, and sitting in a circle becomes a party. Mayer transforms his skin into a string instrument, merges with the symphonic surround music of Pascal Holper, conducts into the audience and goes into a trance.

Compography, performance: Simon Mayer
Sound design, co-creation: Pascal Holper
Dramaturgy: Guy Cools, Robert Steijn
Light design: Sabine Wiesenbauer
Costumes and stage design: Diego Andrés Rojas Ortiz, Nicole Lechner (Harness), Magdalena Adriane (Tailor), Max Salesse (Props), Sabine Wiesenbauer (Feather lamp)
Technical coordination: Jeroen Smith
General management: Katrin Pröll
Advice: Corine Sombrun, Karoline Maria Wimber
Production: Hiros, Kopf Hoch/Miriam Lesch
Coproduction: brut Wien, Rosendal Theater, Tanz Ist

In collaboration with: Kunstenwerkplaats, AMOK Festival/KAAP, CC Brugge, Dans in Brugge, IGNM-OÖ Linz.

Thanks to: Virginie Pfeiffer, Emilie Laurent, Justine François, Martina Knoll, Michael Hazod, Coupé Décalé, Needcompany.

With the support of: culture department of the city of Vienna, Federal Ministry Republic of Austria for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport Austria, SKE Fonds.

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